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Enhanced brand visibility by 504%


What does a business based on snow conditions talk about when Mother Nature is having a bad hair day? Something a lot more original than the village après. It was time for a new metric. One that proved there are no bad days at Whistler Blackcomb.

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We proved that Whistler Blackcomb is the ski destination that delivers every time—rain, snow or shine. By injecting a little honesty in infectiously fun ways, we fostered a culture that understood corduroy groomers can deliver just as good a day as a 40cm dump. Thing is, you have to be there to Get the Goods.

    Creating the conditions for creativity

    It’s easy to forget that when it's raining in Vancouver—where the majority of WB’s market live—it's usually snowing up in Whistler. Unfortunately, the typical daily snow report doesn't always break through. So we invented the impossible-to-ignore Whistler Blackcomb Rolling Snow Report to deliver the news around the city.

    January, your funky vibes have got to go

    Culturally, January is the most depressing month of the year. To make things a little lighter, we positioned Whistler Blackcomb as the way to unfunk it. Unfunk January was the first-annual mid-season campaign that inspired people to Get The Goods.


    With unprecedented social media shares, the highly memorable campaign enhanced brand visibility—and reinforced Whistler Blackcomb as the go-to ski resort to get your fix. When done right, less really can deliver more.


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