We make the impossible possible at GFC

We are an agile crew of self-actualized people who do what we love. We move fast, work hard, ask questions in real time, interrupt each other, and understand that work-life balance is key. Our culture at 1387 Venables St. reflects this.

GFC is a place for personal and professional growth. It's a place where many folks do the best work of their careers, get to impact the gamut of business verticals and expand their comfort zones, and in turn capabilities.

Hybrid work model

We embrace a hybrid working environment because sometimes, big ideas happen during long showers and those are best taken from home (although we have some at the office). Our office is a place of productivity, creativity, collaboration, and community. As a result, most GFC’ers are in 3 days a week.

GFC Days

We believe there are no shortcuts to greatness and never hold back on the amount of effort we give any project. GFC Days exist to create the space for people to rejuvenate, recalibrate and refresh so they can apply their best selves at work.

Unlimited sick days

No one gets to pick when they get sick, so we don’t limit sick day allocations to an arbitrary number. Our approach is to provide the days people need to rest and heal up, so they can return to work fully, as quickly as possible.

Holiday office closure

GFC takes paid time off between Dec 24th and Jan 1st. The exact dates depend on how the calendar falls. Point is, this time is dedicated for family, rejuvenation and to do whatever they want. This time doesn’t count against vacation—that would be ridiculous.

Benefits plan

Taking care of our people starts with taking care of their health. GFC offers benefit plans to employees to ensure they have the care they need, personalized by each GFC'er. Ranging from medical, dental, optometry, naturopathic, RMT, physiotherapy, mental health professionals and a host of other medical service providers.

Join the Collective

We foster an environment where everyone contributes as though they personally own the business. We adopt a similar approach with the brands we collaborate with, because it results in the most impactful creative, ultimately making the work worthwhile. Our creative product uplifts, edutains, motivates and is fun to engage with. The process of making it is fun too. If this is your vibe and you want to do it for something that matters, drop us a line.