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Develop new tactics to deepen relationships with Yeti riders.

Boosted customer lifetime value with unexpected brand behaviour.


Letting your brand roll in and out of fashion doesn’t make good business sense. To maintain relevance through the decades, you have to subscribe to the belief that the health of your brand is symbiotic with the health of the scene. Knowing that there are people who have centred their entire lives around mountain biking, we helped Yeti celebrate them.

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We crafted 240 visually arresting pages with a singular goal—inspire people to fall madly in love with mountain biking. The Handbook is less of a manual for riding, and more of a manual for living, that arrives unannounced to new Yeti riders when buying a bike directly from their website.

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Now in its second edition and fourth print run, The Handbook has established itself as a staple brand experience. Ironically, it’s so coveted it’s become a mechanism to reduce the purchase price of a bike: the free books are sold on eBay as collector's items to non-Yeti owners. Talk about gaining value.


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