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Launch SRAM’s most attainable electronic offering — Rival eTap AXS.

Transformed Rival into the mid-market leader.


To the pros, the AXS wireless electronic groupset is the most advanced shifting, made of the lightest and most exotic materials. To everyday riders, AXS is the simplest shifting, made more intuitive to create a seamless riding experience. It’s the same tech. But this is the strategic unlock that makes it relevant to completely different types of people.

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When the tech feels less “raceable,” it delivers something far more relevant for everyday riders: greater simplicity. Expressing this message at key intercept moments along the customer journey, we convinced SRAM to have fun showing the world just how intuitive riding Rival is.

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Know your Rival

Product education left in the hands of influencers isn’t always smart for business. The YouTube series “Meet the Range” ensures people get the right product information from the folks who designed it. Because first impressions really do count.

This Shifts Everything

It’s a promise no component can make. But we’re saying it anyway. Because it’s true. Rival will shift everything about the way you interact with your bike, when you’re on it, and when you’re not. Moving forward, what you expect from a bicycle will never be the same.


SRAM has taken a big chunk of their biggest competitor’s market share, with more riders choosing SRAM road products over Shimano than ever before. Pre-campaign, it was hard to buy, or even see, a bike on the showroom floor spec’d with SRAM Rival. Post-campaign, the presence of Rival has edged more Shimano-equipped bikes off of the showroom.


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