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Launch the world’s fastest evaporative cooling fabric.

Launched a new product line that became 20% of revenue.


When a brand unknown for its fabric tech seeks to earn market share in one of the most competitive categories in the athletic industry—cooling fabrics, you go against the grain of common cooling tropes to clearly communicate both the uniqueness of the tech and the benefit to its wearer.

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Unlike Nike’s Dri Fit, Under Armour’s Iso-Chill and Adidas’ Clima cool, we developed a product name that communicates its benefits, without hyperbole. DropTemp™ is searchable, understandable, and memorable. Through campaign imagery, in-store displays and Meta Suite performance marketing, we positioned, named, packaged and introduced SAXX’s cooling fabric to the world.

    Confidence is always cool.

    For the GTM campaign launch, we celebrated relevant social influencers’ uniqueness. But we didn’t stop short of suggesting they could be physically cooler wearing DropTemp™.


    Within 3 years of launch, DropTemp™ has grown to become 20% of SAXX’s revenue. The cooling collection has grown to include natural fibre cooling fabrics, and built a loyal customer base with 93% repurchase intent.


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