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Contemporize Yeti’s relationship with riders.

Increased ROI with a decade-long brand platform.


Gone are the days when intangible associations and values alone equate to brand success. Values only have meaning when realized through behavior. We set out to prove that when you ride a Yeti, you take on more than just the ownership of a bicycle.

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We repositioned Yeti’s products and initiatives to better facilitate the core MTB-lifestyle in ways that other brands without such credibility and history never could. Culminating in an over-arching philosophy we called “More Than Myth,” it was a tagline that also served as a brand promise and filter for every Yeti decision. As well as the foundation for an activation ideology of “do cool shit, talk about it.”

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While the cycling industry all-too often relies on the tired approach of showcasing new bike models with quick-cut “shreddit” videos set to fast music, we created a series of “myth-busting” cinéma vérité films highlighting the experiences that riding a Yeti can unlock.

They Already Know.

Everyone believes it’s the rider, not the bike, but when you buy a Yeti it’s actually not the case. The bikes already know how to do it all, and then some. With this intentional creative flip, we invited riders to take comfort in that truth, and get to it.

Throwback to the future.

To relaunch the 35th anniversary Yeti ARC and promote the ultra-limited release of 100 bikes designed in an incredible throwback colorway, we matched the campaign to the iconic era it in which the original ARC was born. How could we resist? The 80’s slapped.


Considering how fickle marketing and brand work can be these days, More Than Myth is entering its 8th year, and is only building momentum.


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