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Create opportunities for people to dive deeper into lululemon’s products and technologies.

Transformed an iconic brand’s “why” into defendable brand I.P.


lululemon’s remarkably smart Why We Made This product hang tag helped to motivate sales. Trouble is, they only work in-store. To extend their influence, we exported the “why” outside the store into digital-first contemporary media.

  • Strategy
  • Product Campaign
  • Advertising


To contextualize lululemon’s product intent, we transformed the lowly hang tag into an informative edutainment video series. Now people could watch instead of read, and easily learn the “why” behind some of lululemon's most iconic products. Without ever setting foot inside a retail store.

  • Brand IP
  • Video
  • 2D Motion Design
  • Meta Suite Social Media


The series turned into some of lululemon’s highest-performing organic video content. Which is really saying something, considering it was born from simple hang-tag content.


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