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Inspire lululemon’s global community during a socially distanced pandemic.

Helped a global athleisure brand grow 40% during the pandemic.


When the world went into lockdown, the need to stay connected was more important than ever. By bridging the gap between social responsibility and the unprecedented desire for human connection, we created a way for technology — the very thing that has torn us apart — to pay us back by maintaining our connection with each other.

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Using the pandemic’s stark realities as an accelerant, we leveraged lululemon’s online channels and Strava’s app capabilities to create a global engagement platform that inspired the community to Move & Stay Connected. This social media driven campaign was the beginning of a new gen approach to how brands engage. Proving that, despite everything, community carries on.

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Pragmatic To Programmatic

Moving #thesweatlife online empowered lululemon’s ambassadors, whose studios were forced to close, with fresh ways to keep the community moving. Free programmatic weekly content provided people daily practices, meditation sessions and live IG workouts, as well as a stream of positivity. The supporting Strava Challenge provided a place to track, motivate and keep the community accountable.


This rapid shift to a digital first community directly attributed to a deeper resonance with people. As a result, lululemon saw unprecedented growth in 2020.


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