The ask

Launch a new brand (and a new category) of bike racks.

Launched a category-creating product.


Too often brands assume that for someone to seriously believe in a product offering, the brand must have a serious tone. Truth is, when done right, you don’t. So we flipped the technology launch convention on its head to keep bikes from falling on theirs. 

  • Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Campaign
  • Naming
  • Product Campaign
  • Advertising


If riding bikes became too buttoned up, it’d be boring. So we leaned into the fun of cycling to introduce the simplest, most portable multi-bike rack to the world. Because when a bike isn’t being propelled forward, it needs something to Keep It Up. We architected a brand that’s willing to stand up, stand out, and stand for something, and paired it with an omnichannel launch including performance marketing, augmented reality, ecommerce website to OOH.

  • Brand Identity
  • Interactive
  • Video
  • 3D Motion Design
  • Meta Suite Social Media
  • Print
  • Packaging

The best thing since sliced toast

Look at it. Don’t see it? You’re lying, or you’ve never seen a toaster. Sometimes the cheeky way to describe something is as sticky as it is fun.

A lot of mileage, on way less watts

Fast, cost-effective, and adaptable for future creative uses, a 3D CGI world does some serious justice for the product. The only constraint? Your imagination.

Enhancing online shopping with AR

Since AHHA has yet to live in the retail world, we leveraged Shopify's integrated AR feature, enabling people to view a true-to-scale 3D model of the Toaster in their own space.


With ideas that drive positive change, we’ve empowered AHHA to empower others. So far, they’ve partnered with organisations such as The Bahati Foundation, Ride for Racial Justice, and Bearing Bike Works to make the world of cycling a better place.


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