The ask

Support riders post-purchase.

Helped product sell-through with an all-new language of learning.


Life's too short to RTFM (read the f**king manual). Nor do people have time to scrub, let alone watch, long, esoteric technical training videos. To help people find the answers they’re looking for quickly, we educated them in a way that got straight to the point.

  • Strategy
  • Product Campaign


We crafted an evergreen YouTube series of snackable films that make it easy for people to set up, work on, and maintain their SRAM products. Made with a show don’t tell approach, we educated without the aid of words or instruction, making it inclusive of riders globally without the expense of translations.

  • Brand IP
  • Video
  • 2D Motion Design

A holistic systems approach to learning

To help riders quickly identify what they need to use or do, we created an ownable and repeatable design vocabulary with signature iconography and colour-coded tools riders could purchase to use at home. 


SRAM’s Rider Support Team has experienced reduced volume and costs, creating organisational efficiencies. It’s an indication that we enhanced the post-purchase product experience, and empowered riders to independently resolve product queries. I.E. The work, works.


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