The ask

Launch DUER — the brand that brought comfort and performance to denim — into the athleisure market. 

Outsmarted competitors by flipping their strategy against itself.


If you can’t outspend your competitors, outsmart them. To stand out in the saturated athleisure category, we leveraged DUER’s underdog position and weaponized the big players’ marketing budgets by pointing out the absurdity of their advertising.

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Athleisure advertising inadvertently tells people how to live. Whether it’s sun salutations on helipads or parkour on the steps of the Guggenheim, marketing in the category is so “aspirational” that people can’t actually aspire to it. Because when you think about it, the lifestyle that’s depicted doesn’t actually exist. So while other brands invite people to replicate their unattainable stories, we helped DUER invite people to be as comfortable as possible, as they live their own stories.

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Plan the work. Work the plan.

29 locations, 2 concurrent shoots, 3 days. This is how we directed, shot and delivered DUER’s fall season.


Any great campaign idea from GFC has to support the brand as much as it supports the product. Once the magnitude of the idea was realized, it evolved into an evergreen brand campaign, giving DUER a lot more than they asked for.


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