Yeti Cycles

The ask

Create a premium digital product experience that inspires riders to add to cart.

Prepared a premium brand for D2C.


D2C removes the opportunity to try before you buy, radically elevating the importance of the web experience. And with how dispersed Yeti’s dealer network is, there was a need to motivate people to add to cart, where dealers didn’t exist. We studied how Yeti’s are sold in retail environments, and asked, what could the digital realm provide that a 1:1 with a sales person doesn’t? And what other premium price point industries are faced with similar challenges to inspire paths forward? 

  • Strategy
  • Product Campaign
  • Advertising


To prepare Yeti for a D2C purchase funnel, we moved the sales experience online—with an immersive deep dive into the tech that was impossible to experience at the retail level. The new and traffic-driving assets brought the high-end web experience of buying a premium car to the world of bicycles.

  • Brand IP
  • Interactive
  • Video
  • 3D Motion Design
  • Meta Suite Social Media


You always know you’ve done it right when you become the benchmark. Even brands much bigger than Yeti have attempted to replicate the assets and narrative.


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