The ask

Launch the most significant product in SRAM’s portfolio in a way that didn’t disparage inline products. In a post-Covid down market.

Made the biggest global product launch in cycling history go viral.


When a product is such a step-change from what’s come before and delivers the dream riders have been waiting for, simply creating desire isn’t enough. You have to educate too. Leveraging the benefits of the old and celebrating the new, we developed a creative platform that highlighted never possible before features, available in a generationally new ecosystem of compatible components.

  • Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Product Positioning
  • Naming
  • Product Campaign
  • Advertising


Deploying what we call “depth at launch,” GFC handled everything from naming the technology to creating two unique product ecosystems. We re-educated industry partners with well-orchestrated B2B tech drops and tapped into the psyche of riders to show how the product delivers on their dreams with top-of-funnel marketing. All the way down to performance marketing. Then we packaged it in a fresh campaign, and deployed it globally in nine languages. 

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand IP
  • Interactive
  • Experiential
  • Video
  • 3D Motion Design
  • Meta Suite Social Media
  • Print

Teaching without words

With its rebuildable derailleur and an ingenious Pod Controller featuring a “flippable” design, instead of telling riders about the tech advantages, we demonstrated them. Without using a single word.

Value, validated with a victory.

Winning on the world stage is the sincerest form of product validation. To celebrate, we had our Meet the Range host teach 10-time World Champion Nino Schurter (and viewers) how the product he won on actually works.


This was the biggest global product launch in cycling history. As a result, the entire industry was inspired to rethink the experience of interacting with a mountain bike. Around the world, people took the campaign and ran with it on social platforms, creating and posting their own content, proving we tapped into the cultural zeitgeist.


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