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Make ABUS’ urban locks and helmets the go-to choice for bike commuters.

Delivered record-setting 91% campaign watchability score.


Commuters often don’t identify as cyclists, which means they can’t be reached by using standard endemic cycling media. To get their attention, we swapped “preaching to the choir” for targeted buys in mass media, using creative messages that proved Abus understands what makes the commuter tick.

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Moving through a city by bike completely changes the experience. So we saw each campaign execution as an opportunity to position ABUS as the brand that enables and understands the commuter lifestyle and outlook. While keeping their bikes and brains both safe and sound.

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Unlock the grid.

The North American grid-based road system is easy to navigate, but inefficient to move through. Unless you go by bike. With a fresh perspective, we exposed how ABUS frees bike commuters from the confines of the grid.

The smartest scream.

To illustrate the ABUS 770A Smartlock’s Bluetooth intelligence and 100db alarm, we enlisted some of the world’s most iconic historical geniuses to scream about it. Thanks for the pipes Einstein, Cleopatra, and Tesla.

Thinking like thieves.

Thieves know that ABUS locks are hard to defeat. So much so, that when they see an ABUS lock, they often opt for another bike. This campaign brings this truth to life in the most visually arresting way.


We delivered 4 high-performing campaigns with above-average clickthrough in paid media.


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