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Establish SRAM as a trusted expert in a world of opinionated YouTubers.

Dispelled YouTube misinformation with objective facts.


In an era where random comment feeds and YouTubers often carry more credibility than brands, nothing compares to the expertise of industry engineers and professionals. Even if they happen to be affiliated with brands that might seem partial or biased.

  • Strategy
  • Brand Campaign


Created a repeatable edutainment series to candidly explore relevant topics in the world of cycling. Presented with clarity and gravitas using contemporary production techniques that reference pop culture, user-generated content, social media and documentary film.

  • Brand IP
  • Video
  • 2D Motion Design
  • Meta Suite Social Media

Ambitious? Most definitely.

We’re pretty good at creating artful and entertaining ad-like content. But to deliver entertaining and educational content like this was a totally new game, requiring us to learn a whole new bag of skills. We started by asking ourselves “how do you make a whitepaper fun to watch?”

Big-time production. Low-ball budget.

Even though it would be an international effort on a shoe-string budget, we had to make Open Workings feel pro and polished. Shooting on location in the UK, America, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Finland and Australia. Covering F-1 drivers, MIT engineers and all kinds of world cup riders. Using every bit of our experience orchestrating complex global production logistics.

Social media lovers, not haters.

It’s all-too common and easy for riders to harsh on brand content via social media. But with Open Workings, riders actually went to the effort to break those norms and share appreciation for SRAM’s refreshingly objective take.


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