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Launch ABUS’ redesigned MTB helmets.

Established brand credibility in a new market.


Rather than buying relevance through expensive pro sponsorships, we helped ABUS earn riders’ respect legitimately and quickly with social content that introduced them to the freshest undiscovered influencer athletes.

  • Strategy
  • Brand Campaign
  • Advertising
  • Product Campaign


Every helmet promises to protect your brain, but if brains were all it took to ride a mountain bike, crazy riders wouldn’t do the things they do. Nor would they care so much about the fashion side of things. Taking this insight back to a fundamental human motivator, we let riders know their egos would be fully protected wearing ABUS. Both physically and aesthetically.

  • Interactive
  • Experiential
  • Video
  • Meta Suite Social Media
  • Print

Hey newbie, get off my wave.

Mountain bikers can be pretty territorial when new brands enter the scene. To make the “right” first impression, we found undiscovered influencer athletes to earn cred with locals and packaged it up in a surf-inspired content series optimized for YouTube and Meta Suite.


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