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The biggest risk any brand can take is to be boring, invisible, or both. That’s why inserting your brand into culture is more important today than ever. Trouble is, CMO’s have never had more complexity to navigate.

Anyone with a tiktok account can shape culture. Few brands have the conviction to be categorically unique.

And how do you align modern marketing teams composed of specialist agencies and content creators? Bottom line: earning attention in 2024 has never been harder. There has never been a greater need for clarity that comes from living in your brand’s truth.

TruthMap™ is a decision-making framework that helps to grow your brand.


While being more precise with where marketing budgets are being applied.


CMO's gain alignment between product innovation and marketing efforts.


They help shift from reactive marketing efforts to chasing trend to proactively building equity as your brands differentiator.


With aligned action with cross-functional teams and out of house collaborators.

In the coming months, we're publicly launching the agency tool that we’ve been using to multiply growth for big brands for over ten years.

generative outcome

Author more effective creative briefs to effectively engage with specialists agencies, content creators, and internal creative teams.

Align C-suite and stakeholders on where to focus areas of business impact.

Achieve greater return on ad spend on mid + bottom of funnel campaigns, connecting the “brand thread” set by top of funnel advertising.

Bring more people into your brands orbit, and convert them to participate in it.

Achieve greater resonance with people and transform them into evangelists.

Confidently know what causes and cultural moments to participate in.

you'll learn to avoid

Failing to connect marketing efforts back to your brands most defendable I.P.

The schizophrenia of disparate advertising campaigns.

Having to reimagine your brand with every product launch, update, or season.

Being categorically and culturally ubiquitous.

Marketing channel and platform illiteracy.

Having specialist agencies and out of house collaborators rewrite your brand narrative to suit their area of expertise.

Basing marketing decisions on what’s trending, without connecting that back to your brands purpose.

Make your marketing and product innovation far more cost effective.

Getting more brand heat

Discover how your unique TruthMap™ makes it easier to achieve surprising and consistent engagement with people (yes, you must have both to find resonance).

Preventing the sea of sameness

Learn how your TruthMap™ can create a defendable moat around your brand, preventing the adverse effects of looking and sounding like your competitors.

Why knowing your brand truth matters

As interfaces, platforms, and algorithms make it hard for brands, knowing (and living) your Brand Truth is the key unlock for attention and value in noisy categories.

Every brand should have the ability to live in their own truth.

And that requires a clear TruthMap™.
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GFC is a strategically-led creative house.


CMO’s armed with their TruthMap™ have achieved unprecedented brand growth during the pandemic for Lululemon, increased CAGR for SAXX, and increased social engagement for Whistler Blackcomb.


LLL Brand Growth


SAXX CAGR increase


WB engagement increase

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