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Launch Maven, the most powerful brake SRAM has ever made.

Maven sold out just days after campaign launch.


With riders getting faster, bike technology getting better and heavyweight EMTBs everywhere you look, current “heavy duty” brake models are often under powered. With the launch of the new SRAM Maven “extreme duty” brake, we strategically established that riders could fine tune all that power to suit their needs. Unleashing all-new capability.

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We quantified what “extreme duty” meant for Maven without taking anything away from SRAM’s best selling “heavy duty” brake – CODE. The campaign showed the incredible “New Powers” that riders could find to level up their riding, do things never before possible, and push the boundaries of control. So much that they could even control the world around them. 

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  • Interactive
  • Video
  • 2D Motion Design
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Control your world

To showcase Maven’s unrelenting power, we created a campaign that depicted the brake system as having the ability to augment, influence and control the terrain around it. Suggesting that, even in chaos, Maven gives riders New Powers.

Pick you power

It was crucial that Maven didn’t disparage SRAM’s other popular and profitable brake models –CODE and Level. So we stayed away from the common “good better best” strategy, opting instead to recalibrate and inform how each model is designed for a specific type of riding and rider.

Human empowering technology

By placing the lever pivot closer to the handlebar, SRAM’s product engineers were able to significantly boost rider hand leverage. Because it’s an innovation that can’t be seen on the exterior, we brought it to life with a series of relatable and entertaining animated graphics.

Break down to build up

Achieving a sense of the surreal is no easy task for photography alone. We achieved it by producing striking scenes as 8K CG renders using incredibly detailed procedural materials on high-dense models kicked out of Redshift.

Romancing the how

Top-of-funnel display ads showed off Maven’s capabilities and enticed people to go deeper on the Maven website, where we romanced the engineering like crazy, keeping the story compelling by borrowing from the luxury technology playbook.

Teasing history

We created an episode of Meet the Range where we not only explained Maven’s “New Powers,” but also teased the world’s best freerider using Maven to nail a trick that had never been done before.

Meaningful action

We closed the loop by dropping the anticipated action edit of Brandon Semenuk making history. Strategically using the industry cliché “shreddit” in a meaningful and innovative way.


SRAM has taken a big chunk of their biggest competitor’s market share, with more riders choosing SRAM road products over Shimano than ever before. Pre-campaign, it was hard to buy, or even see, a bike on the showroom floor spec’d with SRAM Rival. Post-campaign, the presence of Rival has edged more Shimano-equipped bikes off of the showroom.


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