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Redefine SAXX’s brand platform.

Helped America’s #1 boxer brand increase CAGR by 26%.


Through deep brand work, we discovered the uniqueness of SAXX’s corporate culture: their obsession with solving the universal physical discomforts all men experience (with their balls). SAXX is the only brand (that we’re willing to mention here) that thinks about your balls 24/7. So we gave them cojones to embrace what they really do.

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With expressions of masculinity evolving, we developed a contemporary brand book and style manual to bring the position to life. Its content exposed relevant observations about the male psyche, and introduced new ways for the brand to behave—in a tone that is all SAXX. 

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Everyone has a Richard in their life

There are still conversations around masculinity that are culturally taboo to talk about. SAXX needed a way to initiate them. Meet Richard—the personified brand character whose coming-of-age innocence makes his observations about the world both funny and insightful.

All types of men

Men’s beauty standards are decades behind the inclusivity of the women’s fashion industry. With what it means to be a man being redefined, it was the right time for SAXX to showcase all kinds of men wearing their products.

A lesson in anatomy

SAXX invented the BallPark Pouch™ but struggled to explain it. We contextualized the technology clearly: a hammock-shaped pouch inside underwear for a more comfortable way to carry male anatomy. This visual asset was the unlock that delivered transformative brand results—both in perception and growth.


SAXX has outpaced the growth of the premium underwear market by three times since 2020, making it the #1 boxer brief brand in the USA.


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